01 Dec, 2018   1 Site Updates

Welcome to BEANZ Network (beanz-network.com)!

Your newest source for your new favorite boyband PRETTYMUCH, Best known for their singles “Would You Mind” & “Summer On You” the guys are on the rise with various tours & television appearances under their belts.

We have been working on the site for some time now and are so excited to share it with you! Not only will you find the latest on PRETTYMUCH as a whole, but we’ve got you covered on their work before the group formed. You’ll be able to find thousands of photos in our photo gallery including photoshoots, event photos, screencaptures and more.

Although we are a fansite we do have our boundaries, that meaning we will not post gossip, nor stalk their personal lives. We need to create a respectful space for beanz, and we hope that you guys will enjoy the site.

Feel free to browse the site, and let us know of any errors that you may find. Be sure to follow our twitter at @beanznetwork